Winter Tips

I know we are almost through winter, I don’t know about you however im starting to get that winter blues slump. I have a couple of crafts that I’ve come across which is helpful for other mamas getting in their winter funks as well. I know I know, the dreaded word CRAFTS! These arent just any crafts, they are super easy, cheap and better yet mess free!

– Peanut butter bird feeders
    The birds are still there and having a harder than ever time finding food with all that snow on the ground. All you need for this is three items! (Peanut butter ( I used organic but im sure it doesnt matter) Toilet paper rolls (Dont toss them, use them!), string and bird seed….yes that is it. Roll the bird seed in the peanut butter and then roll that into a plate of bird seed. Then just place the string through the tube, tie and hang! This is a fun, clean activity that is also helping the environment.
– Baking
  Ok, ssooo this one may not be as quick and clean as the above but its still fun plus you get to eat (I love food) so this is always on my list. I usually choose something easy and kid friendly. Follow the below recipe for a healthy breakfast/snack recipe.
-Crafts on the go-on weekends places like Michaels and Home Depot do crafts for kids. The best part is no cleaning up! They are normally cheap to like around $2.00.
-Story time at the local library or Barnes N Noble. The local library is usually a great place to spend some time. Mine in particular does PJ StoryTime the third Thursday of the month where they get stories read to them and they do crafts.
Try out some of the above crafts and let me know how they go! Better yet, upload a picture of your family doing these! Also, feel free to comment with any ideas you’ve come across that worked well for your family.

One thought on “Winter Tips

  1. Being a parent is extremely rewarding and stressfull all at the same time.
    Seeing a site like this for helpful fun tips on crafts or recipes
    Or even just bouncing fun ideas off eachother is a heartwarming thing.
    I look forward to following this more and more as the days go on.

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